About Webster Campbell

2016 Caribbean Hall of Fame

Webster Campbell was inducted in the 2016 Caribbean Hall of Fame, making him of one of Jamaica's top Artists.


The world of art is captivated by the visions of the inspired and gifted Artists who dedicate their lives and talents to capturing the essence of the many beauties that life has to offer. Longevity is a critical aspect of ensuring such artistic gifts are displayed continually and are etched in the hearts and minds of those who are appreciative of fine arts and the message they send. Webster Campbell is one such gifted person whose devotion to art has manifested into a sophisticated and memorable journey that continues to blossom and inspire the younger generation of Artists, Painters, and other professionals of the art and business communities respectfully. Webster Campbell is one of Jamaica’s most prolific Painters.

Webster Campbell was born in Craighead, Manchester, Jamaica West Indies. He attended the Craighead All Age School, Whitfield All Age School and Trench Town Comprehensive High School where he began his art and craft journey. After graduating from high school, he pursued a four-year course at the Jamaica School of Art now known as Edna Manley School for the Visual & Performing Arts. Upon his graduation from the Jamaica School of Arts, he participated in the National Fine Art Exhibition Festival Contest in 1984 where he gained a Merit Award for his painting “Little Tammy”. Intent upon emerging as a serious contributor to the arts, Webster worked assiduously to polish his skills and improve his craft. In 1986 and 1987 he entered the National Fine Arts Exhibition again and won a Gold Medal in 1986 for his painting “Flood Victim”. Despite not winning in 1987 for his “Mi Naw Go Fi No More Water”, it was the featured art in the Sunday Gleaner’s article that reported on the day’s event.  

Mr. Campbell has featured in numerous exhibitions both in Jamaica and aboard. Some of the places he has exhibits include Jamaica Conference Centre, and the Upstairs Downstairs Gallery. In 1994, he had his first solo show “In the Olden Days” featuring paintings of old Jamaican architecture. In 1995, Webster participated in both individual and group showcase overseas to include the Humming Bird Gallery and Sculpture Gallery in New York City, Jamaica High Commission in London in 1999 and at the Jamaica Consulate, Zanze Bar, and Ramie Gallery in Washington DC in 2001. Webster also featured presentations at the Ambassador's Residence and 2002 in South Carolina. Mr. Campbell and the Webster Studio were also featured at the Art Society art show of Trinidad and Tobago in summer 2012. In 2013, he was featured at the Jamaican Embassy in Washington, DC with a follow-up show in Oxon Hill Maryland the following year. Webster remains one of Jamaica’s top Artists.  

Charlene Campbell

About Charlene-Ferguson Campbell


Charlene Campbell is a Jamaican-born Artist/Painter whose passion for art is motivated by the overall Jamaican cultural and heritage. Charlene became interested in art at the age of 22 where she pursued fashion designing at the Hollywood School of Designing. Charlene’s transition to canvas came after studying at the studio of Webster Campbell starting in early 2001. Out of curiosity, she dabbled in acrylic selecting a palette of vibrant colors to illustrate her abstract pieces of movement. She considers this as her forte. Dance movements have always been one of her favorite features of the Jamaican culture. Most of her work deals with dance movements which capture the early days of the Jamaican culture. 

To date Mrs. Campbell has participated in numerous cultural art shows to include Mandeville and Liguanea Art Fair, and Downtown Rotary Club. In summer 2012 Charlene along with the Webster studio traveled to Trinidad where they were featured in the art society exhibit of Trinidad and Tobago. In 2013, Charlene was featured at the Jamaican Embassy in Washington, DC. She returned to the United States in 2014 where she was again, featured in art exhibit in Oxon Hill, Maryland. Her work was also featured in a prominent art gallery in Fredericksburg Virginia from 2016 - 2017.